How to strategically help the Green Party get 5% for ballot access in 2018


Because of the "straight party" option on Texas ballots, getting 5% is no easy feat, especially when there is both a D and a R in the race.  In fact it hasn't happened in 30years.

But you can help us skew these results by voting for Green candidates in statewide offices regardless of how you vote elsewhere.  

We know many people ride the fence between Greens and Democrats, but this year, no candidate for statewide office on the Dem Ticket is "progressive" nor anti-establishment. In fact, the Dems helped change the state laws so they could easily run a full slate of Statewide Judicial candidates this year solely for the purpose of trying to kick us off the ballot like they did in 2002*.

Your votes for Green statewide candidates will help us secures 5% so that candidates up and down the ballot can run for office as Greens in 2018.

All of our judicial candidates are worth your vote, and our Railroad Commissioner candidate is not a pawn of the energy industry that controls the commission currently.

So regardless of how you vote, whether for individuals or straight-party, or who you vote for in other races, we hope you will help preserve the right of the Green Party to be on the ballot in Texas for the 2018 election.

*Note this also applies to the Libertarian Party

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