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    FANNIN GREENS REPORT Texas State Convention, 2015

    I will be at the state meeting with some proposals from past years on platform which are still alive – if I can find out where, more specifically than just “Denton”, it will be held.

    The Fannin County Green Party met on February 21, with only one person, the previous chair, showing up. Two weeks prior to this meeting, e-mails were sent to all on a list of Greens provided by GPTX. Half of these “bounced” (undeliverable). The heaviest concentration of these were in college towns in adjacent counties (Austin College in Sherman, and TAMU-C in Commerce). Further research shows this list dates back to the Cobb campaign, if not Nader! Probably most students on that list have already graduated by now.

    The main reason no one showed up is because no one knew about it. No mass medium would print our meeting notice although such events are usually covered in “What’s Happening” type sections. Notices of the meeting were sent to the Fannin County Leader (a free weekly “shopper”), the North Texas E-News (an online daily), and the Herald Democrat (a Sherman daily print newspaper in the Stephens Media Group). Although all have extensive notices of meetings, none would publish ours.

    On March 17, the county Democratic Women got 12 column inches and a two-column picture in the throw-away shopper “newspaper” that wouldn’t give us one inch. This is the only Democratic Party organization in Sam Rayburn’s home county.

    This lack of coverage does not indicate a lack of Green activity in the county, just a lack of organized Green activity. In the November 4, 2014 election, Greens received 14 straight-party votes out of 6,573 total cast.
    Office Green votes % race total votes >5% total cast

    Senate Sanchez 61 .96 6,341

    Representative Republican, no opposition, and he is consolidating power rapidly.

    Governor Parmer 39 .60 6,480

    Lt. Gov. Courtney 34 .83 6,420

    Attorney Gen Osborne 38 .59 6,445

    Comptroller Shafto 65 1.03 6,336

    Land Office Alessi 78 1.19 6,403

    Agriculture Kendrick 113 1.78 6,351

    Railroad Salinas 98 1.54 6.358

    Chief Justice No Green in race

    Justice Pl. 6 No Green in race

    Justice Pl. 7 Waterbury 66 1.04 6,328

    Justice Pl. 8 Chisolm 444 7.75 5,720 9.24 beat Lib, no Dem

    Crim. Ap. 3 No Green in race

    Crim. Ap. 4 Sanders-Castro 396 6.95 5,697 10.45 beat Lib, no Dem

    Crim. Ap. 9 Altgelt 331 5.82 5,674 8.56 beat Lib, no Dem

    County races No Green in any race, Republican sweep. By getting the word out of our existence, we could combat that problem.

    This is an interesting bit of censorship for a party that had 14 straight ticket votes and a maximum of 113 out of 6,573 votes cast in races where Democrats actually bothered to run a candidate. We got heavier polling from crossover Democrats in races in which they had no candidate. I assumed races where the Democrats didn’t even have a candidate were more heavily Green because Democrats figured we were better than letting Republicans have it without a fight. We can make some inroads in that segment of the apathetic Democratic party.

    In races without Democratic opposition, we are the second-place party. In 2008, Democrats didn’t even have a county chair, and hastily selected one (an ex-Green) in 2012. With Democrats split on several issues such as permanent war and immigration, and a railroad carrying the tilt-to-the-right winger to a presidential nomination, Greens can pick up considerable support from New Deal Democrats. Even among Libertarian and Tea Party supporters, there is a strong undercurrent of populism, and a varying belief in the Four Pillars, if we could only inform them of this fact.

    The west-adjacent Grayson County, sharing some of the same mass media, had 23,718 votes cast, 12 straight Green, and a 177 maximum in races where Democrats bothered to file. Yet, they have Austin College, a four-year liberal arts college which was a Green stronghold in the past. A strong Fannin Greens could help reorganize Greens in Grayson.

    When I filed for District 9 SBOE in 2010 against the leader of the “flat earth” faction in the selectors of the nation’s textbooks, I didn’t expect to win; figuring on 1,200-1,300 votes, but I could at least get issues out. I didn’t figure on the Republicans throwing McLeroy out in the primary, the Democrats not caring enough to run a candidate, nor the total censorship of my candidacy – my name as Green candidate appeared in print only on the League of Women Voters’ Candidate Survey and the ballot itself, nowhere else. I did get a short spot on a community service channel in Houston, but it was outside my district – an appreciated gesture, but not much effect on the race. The Dallas News not only claimed that only Republicans and Libertarians were in that race, but when I asked for a correction, they repeated the lie verbatim. But I still got 7,411 votes.

    Please set up a state online newsletter with enough hard news that will get reprinted (with credit) by other online news sources to get around the corporate media censorship. TFN News Clips might be a start until AterNet, Common Dreams, and Daily Kos notice us.

    We are a fourth party, but at least currently on the ballot. We could even become third if Greens knew we existed – or if those who already support the Key Values knew the Green Party exists. In 2010, a large number first learned about my candidacy for SBOE when they saw my name on the ballot, even though I had large signs on my car and a booth at Earth Day. I still carry a Green Party badge on my cap.

    The corporate media talks about the “new populism” (generally the term only, with few details), but only the Greens have a direct historical connection to the eponymic Peoples Party of the 1880s and ’90s. (Compare Greens to the Cleburne and Ocala Demands and Omaha Platform which defined populism and update it to the present.)

    DELEGATES: With our former treasurer out of the county (but what little money we had is still here), I am the delegation. Paul Cardwell, 1127 Cedar, Bonham, TX 75418, (903) 583-9296,

    BYLAWS: We support the necessary change and have no further suggestions of our own.

    PLATFORM: Once again we are submitting the following planks:

    Plank 1: “We support giving disabled veterans the help they need, physically and mentally, and stop disabling more.”

    Arguments: moral:

    As citizens of the United States, we sent them into conditions where physical and/or mental disablement (or worse) is a distinct possibility. Therefore we are morally obligated to try to repair that damage. We are also morally obligated to end the immorality of empire-building and endless war.

    Arguments: political:

    The Pillar of Nonviolent Change demands it.

    Since Democrats are apathetic about cleaning up and strengthening the Veterans Administration, and Republicans want to abolish that department and throw its patients onto fending for themselves in the corporate medical sector, we can pick up considerable support from progressive veterans groups such as Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Disabled Veterans National Foundation (promoting “comfort animals” as treatment for PTSD), National Gulf War Resource Center ( fighting unexplained illness in those veterans), Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, etc. They have been fighting this battle alone for too long.

    The VA is vital to the entire nation’s health, not just veterans. 70% of our doctors do their residencies in VA facilities and there are comparable figures for nurses training. They have pioneered major medical discoveries which benefit the world, such as liver transplants and incredible leg and arm prostheses.

    And as a minor benefit, it would help grow Fannin Greens. In most counties without a military base, the school system is the largest government payroll. In Fannin County, it is the Sam Rayburn VA Hospital.

    Plank 2: “We encourage the League of Women Voters to resume their presidential candidate debates, whether Democratic and Republican candidates participate or not. Under the old criteria of ballot status in enough states to have a majority of electoral college ballots, this would permit inclusion of Libertarians, Greens, and Socialist parties, if not more, and would permit the American people to hear more than two increasingly similar viewpoints.”


    Despite claims of divergence, both Democratic and Republican parties favor: endless war, imperial expansion, “American exceptionalism”, tax exemptions for the rich and for corporations, fossil and fissionable energy sources as opposed to renewable ones, corporate supremacy, exploitation of nature, etc.

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