Harris County Universal Health Care Events

(This entry is adapted, with minor modifications, from the Harris County Green Party's Issues blog.)

The new Harris County Green Party website has a bit of a learning curve to it, both for those who maintain it and those who follow it. One of the things we HCGP apparatchiks  have to learn is recognizing opportunities to post information about community events when they arise. Two such events have come to this author's attention in recent days, and they are happening very soon.

In particular, you can attend an event this Saturday morning, 1 July, with Rep. Al Green on the subject of protecting Medicaid from the threatened cuts. Green will appear at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near NRG Park from 10:30 am until noon. If you can't make it to that, try the town hall next Saturday morning (8 July) at the IBEW offices on the North Loop, hosted by a coalition of progressive groups.

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ASM Report 2017

Reflections of a New State Co-chair


 Hanee Choi

Our Annual State Meeting has come and gone.  Of the three meetings I’ve attended this one was, by far, the most collegial and productive.  We had participation from far flung areas of the state: El Paso, Houston, DFW and central Texas.  We had discussions that helped resolve long standing issues.  We formed ad hoc caucuses to help resolve those differences.  We agreed to disagree on the membership dues issue, but suggested local experimentation could be done.  We reaffirmed our commitment to our values.  We enjoyed each other’s company and made new friendships.  We left as re-energized comrades in solidarity.


 Hanee Choi


We still face hard struggles in this coming year.  We all are wondering about ballot access and how we can organize to get it done in 2018.  Some of us wonder if maybe we should sit out 2018 and wait until 2020 when straight party voting will be no more.  Maybe we should use the time to concentrate on local races and use them to build the party.  Some of us would renew efforts on fundraising.  Many of us want to grow the party into new areas of our state.  All of us want the Green Party of Texas to continue to grow so our values can be realized.



 Hanee Choi
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Bluestone Energy Withdraws Application for Injection Well at Lake Arlington!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Texas Railroad Commission issued an Order of Withdrawal on behalf of Bluestone Energy. The application for an injection well to be built met with public pressure and the corporatists pulled back.

A few weeks ago, we (Tarrant County Greens) published two articles on this subject, asking for public pressure to be brought upon the RR Commission to deny Bluestone's request.

Because of the great work of Ranjana Bhandari and Liveable Arlington, success has been achieved.

Thank you, Greens, for your support as well. Because of public awareness of this intrusion upon our environment, it was turned back. Pressure made the difference!

See this article for reference

And, this one.

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Jordan Edwards, Another Victim of Police Violence

IMG_0372.JPGPolice violence against black men has struck again in North Texas. This time, Jordan Edwards, a 15 year-old freshman in high school from Balch Springs, a near suburb of Dallas’ southeast side, was shot to death by Roy Oliver, a sixteen-year veteran of the Balch Springs Police Department.

Late Saturday night, April 29, neighbors reported to police that a house party had gotten too loud, and they asked the police to come and check it out. A short time later, Jordan Edwards was shot dead with a rifle.


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Save Tarrant County Drinking Water!

It doesn't take long in Texas to know that the oil and gas industry rules the roost, even when drilling activity threatens the drinking water of a half million people.

A local grassroots organization, Liveable Arlington, is working to do something about it!

Brief Background

In January, Bluestone Natural Resources filed a permit request to build a wastewater injection well near one of the largest water resources in the Tarrant County region, Lake Arlington. The lake provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of residents, including Arlington, Fort Worth, and suburbs both north and south. 

The wastewater consists of excess gas and salt water from fracking operations in the city. It is toxic, undrinkable, and unfit for agricultural or recreational activities. The City of Arlington is also concerned about the well undermining and doing permanent damage to the dam, about 9000 feet away from the proposed location. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says this is too close.

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