Election Night

30 minutes until polls close

You can keep up tbreakchainsGPTXDillo-fullcolor.jpgo date on national election results for the Green Party

Various Watch parties can be found on your local's facebook page, and on our calendar.

Here's to:

5% for ballot access statewide
5% of the national popular vote for President
and getting some local Greens elected!

Remember it doesn't end tonight.  We will continue organizing and building this revolutionary movement after we take a week off!

en solidaridad....Green Party of Texas volunteers

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Finally! After all the hot air exchanged between the duopoly candidates, Tavis Smiley hosted the long overdue debate between Gary Johnson & Dr. Jill Stein. Though the debate aired in installments at a very inconvenient hour of the night, it is now available for your viewing pleasure here:

Ajamu signs his fan portrait 

When people hear the substance that the Stein/Baraka campaign brings to the table, they know it is the REAL DEAL. That is why Ajamu Baraka visited TX last week to connect with our growing Green community.

Happy B-day to Ajamu

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Tx Railroad Commission Debate

Here is the link to the video of the Texas Railroad Commission debate held in Hurst on 10/22/2016.

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Campaign Craziness!

Ajamu Baraka speaking at GNC, to visit Dallas & Houston

This campaign season has been hectic for our merry little band of Green Party supporters. Texas Greens just facilitated Dr. Stein in an exciting tour of El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, and now we are preparing to host GP VP candidate Ajamu Baraka in DFW on 10/28 & in Houston on 10/29!

Here, Jill stands in front of the new GPTX office on 6th street in Austin, which we took over from the Bernie campaign last month. The final push through to the election is upon us, and we need you to connect with your local party now to distribute door hangers, flyers, & other campaign materials.


Keep reading for pictures & a summary of Dr. Stein's tour...


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#SteinBaraka coming to TX!

It is confirmed!

We just got dates and cities confirmed today.

#PotUS candidate Jill Stein will be in El Paso on Oct 14, Houston on Oct 15, San Anto on Oct16, and Austin on Oct 17.

her #VPotUS, Ajamu Baraka, will be in Dallas on October 28 and Houston on Oct 29. Venues and times coming soon!

So if you are on the fence, want something outside the two-party system, worried about either of the two-party candidates winning, or an avid SteinBaraka supporter - mark your calendars and stay tuned for locations and times - hopefully we will have most of them up by Tuesday next week.

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