Legislative Shenanigans - Elections, Privacy, Hemp, Marijuana, Asset Forfeiture, Local Initiatives

GPTX co-chair kat swift testified at the Texas Legislature today on Elections bills and then met with the TAG coalition for some updates on other bills needing our action.

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Todays politics and yesterdays punishment

From the support for the death penalty, to the willingness to wage "war", our political life is dominated by the idea that "bad" actors should be punished. The idea has such deep roots that it is almost never questioned. When George Bush the second  wanted to attack Iraq, and the threat of a nuclear attack by Iraq hadn't proved convincing enough, the administration turned to discrediting Saddam Hussein personally.  Why he was so bad, he even gassed his own people. This worked, and GWB had approval ratings of 90% after launching the attack. I want to suggest that, as a nation, our willingness to be swayed by simplistic arguments into committing great violence, has its roots in our societies widespread, though diminishing, support for corporal punishment of children. 

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GPTX Update & State Meeting

GPTX State Executive Committee has selected June 6th & 7th as the dates for our annual statewide meeting this year, to be held in Tarrant County, near Fort Worth. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss bylaws, platform, state and local needs/goals, coordination, and to vote for new officers. April 22nd has been set as the documentation deadline for county parties to deliver all materials to GPTX in preparation for the state meeting. This includes drafts of all bylaw and platform amendments, county delegate lists, updated county officer contact & affiliation info, and candidate applications. This year we will be electing a co-chair, secretary, at least three at-large SEC positions.

GPTX has undertaken a regional coordination initiative, coinciding with the implementation of GPTX on the Nationbuilder platform, intended to help grow and improve the party organization. With improved ability to utilize our member database, we are attempting to revitalize county parties and do a better job of facilitating volunteers and members. Now is a great time to help get your local GP active again! Keep in mind, we need county parties to have their documentation in for the state meeting by April 22nd, so you'll need to get started soon if you haven't already. Our hope is to have GPTX primed & ready going in to 2016.

And of course, we could really use some help with fundraising to cover basic organizational & operating costs. Your support is deeply appreciated! We don't accept corporate money, so we only have the interests of people in mind!

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HR 399 "Secure Our Borders First" Act

The “Secure Our Borders First” Act (HR 399), introduced by Rep. Mike McCaul of Texas, has been referred from committee to the House for vote. Both the Sierra Club Borderlands Team and the ACLU have made statements in opposition to this bill. The Green Party of Texas platform leaves no doubt about our positions on these matters, and we endorse the statements made by the Sierra Club and ACLU.

The Green Party of Texas is opposed to further militarization of the border and the disregard of Constitutional and environmental protections within 100 miles of external borders. We support humane treatment and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, as well as recognition of the impact of trade policies which underlie the motivations of many immigrants.

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State Meeting Deadline

Earthday April 22, 2015 is 45 days before the state convention.  All county parties must submit the following to the SEC by that date:

     List of delegates elected to vote at the State Meeting on June 6 & 7,
            with email and/or phone contacts

     Any resolutions, bylaw amendments, or platform amendments
            for the state and national

This is a hard deadline per the bylaws and we must distribute all the material to be considered to all the delegates within one week of Earthday 2015.

[We have a temporary bylaw change since we were informed by the Secretary of State that bylaw changes are not allowed in an election year - this will be one of this year's amendments.]

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