ASM Report 2017

Reflections of a New State Co-chair


 Hanee Choi

Our Annual State Meeting has come and gone.  Of the three meetings I’ve attended this one was, by far, the most collegial and productive.  We had participation from far flung areas of the state: El Paso, Houston, DFW and central Texas.  We had discussions that helped resolve long standing issues.  We formed ad hoc caucuses to help resolve those differences.  We agreed to disagree on the membership dues issue, but suggested local experimentation could be done.  We reaffirmed our commitment to our values.  We enjoyed each other’s company and made new friendships.  We left as re-energized comrades in solidarity.


 Hanee Choi


We still face hard struggles in this coming year.  We all are wondering about ballot access and how we can organize to get it done in 2018.  Some of us wonder if maybe we should sit out 2018 and wait until 2020 when straight party voting will be no more.  Maybe we should use the time to concentrate on local races and use them to build the party.  Some of us would renew efforts on fundraising.  Many of us want to grow the party into new areas of our state.  All of us want the Green Party of Texas to continue to grow so our values can be realized.



 Hanee Choi

We need to use the resources we have which tie us together across the state to continue our dialogue and develop our consensus.  Keep following our Facebook page and contribute to our Facebook group.  Everyone come join us at where you can participate in one of our work groups.  We’ve been calling these committees, but I’m renaming them work groups because we need to get things accomplished.  These work groups include but are not limited to:

  • Legislative watch

  • Technology

  • Candidate development

  • Ballot Access

  • Outreach/Media

  • Membership Development

  • Fundraising

If you have other areas you want to work, we’d be more than happy to let you start and lead a new work group.  

The Annual National Meeting is coming soon in July.  Our delegation to the GPUS would very much like to hear about your ideas for the national party. Please use the contact form on the website tell us your concerns and suggestions for the national party.

To accomplish the things we need to do requires resources.  Gaining ballot access and finding qualified candidates are things that cannot be done without both your participation and your monetary support.  If we are to get this done, we need all of you to go to our monthly sustainer page and pledge at least $10 per month.  This small amount would be a tremendous help.

We will be communicating with you with this website  Please continue to provide feedback using that medium.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone who has trusted me to help facilitate us through this next year.  Use the website contact form to let me know how I’m doing.


Wesson Gaige

Denton, Tx


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  • commented 2017-06-26 14:44:26 -0600
    I believe that we should organize to get ballot access in 2018 and technology can definitely help us with that. The Crowdcast app that I am testing this Wednesday is good example. Could you give ma access to Right now I only have access to