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    Congratulations! You have taken the next step to become active in the Green Party. The Party's success in building an alternative future depends on you and what you choose to do.

    There are many possibilities for participation. You could engage in traditional political activities such as block-walking, phone-banking, and tabling. Or, you could work with other Greens to create citizen media such as Greenwatch or other programs. Issues based activism is a good fit with the Green Party as we work to knit the social movements together. You let us know what you want to do, and we'll help you find a way to do it.


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  • Anything New Going On?

    Hello Austin and Travis County... What's going on right now with all of this new energy heading the Green Party's way? Anything going on? 

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    Check out Green Party of Texas. I just joined.... yep... #neverhillary #nevertrump Jill Stein has said a few times she will collaborate with Bernie Sanders. IF he doesn't win, this will be the way I shall be heading and who knows where it will go! Option #2 and Jill Stein ROCKS!!! Check out a few of her interviews on YouTube.

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