Call-in to protect Local Control!

Legislation Alert- House Bill 540, one of the 'bad bills' that is threatening local control is up for hearing this Wednesday, March 11th at 10:30am. Between now and then, we need you to CALL- IN! 

This bill would require cities to first get the attorney general's permission before passing a city ordinance. This would basically make Austin our city council, requiring the state's permission before any 'submission of initiative or referendum ballot proposals'. 

This is vast government overreach that would mean none of the following could happen without state approval: 

Public securities for parks, street improvements and other infrastructure.
Public securities for safety such as Police and Fire Departments.
Sale of alcohol
Indoor smoking bans
Tree ordinances to protect trees
Plastic bag ordinances
Hydraulic Fracturing bans
Bans on texting while driving
Limits on location of sexually oriented businesses

Please call the following elected officials during business hours and tell them that local control is a core Texas value and to stop this bill before it gets out of committee.

Please share this page with anyone who cares about maintaining local control.

*If you are in Austin on Wed, you can speak at the hearing at 10:30 am at the capital, JHR 140.

House State Affairs Committee:
Chair: Rep. Byron Cook (Dist. 8-Corsicana) 512.463.0730
Vice Chair: Rep. Helen Giddings (Dist. 109-Dallas) 512.463.0953

Rep. Tom Craddick (Dist. 82- Midland) 512.463.0500
Rep. Marsha Farney (Dist. 20-Georgetown) 512.463.0309
Rep. Jessica Farrar (Dist. 148-Houston) 512.463.0620
Rep. Charlie Geren (Dist. 99-Ft. Worth) 512.463.0610
Rep. Patricia Harless (Dist. 126-Spring) 512.463.0496
Rep. Dan Huberty (Dist. 127-Houston) 512.463.0520
Rep. John Kuempel (Dist.44-Seguin) 512.463.0602
Rep. Josà MenÃndez (Dist. 26-San Antonio) 512.463.0634
Rep. Renà Oliveira (Dist. 37- Brownsville 512.463.0640
Rep. John T. Smithee (Dist. 86-Amarillo) 512.463.0702
Rep. Sylvester Turner (Dist. 139-Houston) 512.463.0554

Bill Sponsors:
Rep. Phil King (Dist. 61-Parker & Wise) 512.463.0738
Rep. Ryan Guillen (Dist. 31) 512.463.0416
Rep. Tony Dale (Dist. 136) 512.463.0696
Rep. Tracy O. King (Dist. 80) 512.463.0194
Rep. Jason Issac (Dist 45) 512.463.0647

For the entire text of HB540:

For more information on bills that are threatening local control:

For House of Rep State Affairs Committee:
March 10, 2015 at 10am - March 11, 2015

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    Just a note, make sure that when you call, they make a record of your call with your name and at least a phone number. Mention if you are in their district. Thanks to everyone who is calling in! Keep them coming!
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    Please RSVP: Call-in to protect Local Control!
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    Texas Green Party will be email blasting this event out to all of its members soon. Protect local control!