Candidates 2014

The Green Party of Texas is pleased to release its list of candidates who will appear on the ballot this November. These candidates were approved by delegates to the county, district, and state conventions in March and April 2014. (We are not allowed to have primaries like those other parties.)

Also check out Project Vote Smart for other details.


US Senate - Emily "Spicy Brown" Sanchez

Governor - Brandon Parmer

Lieutenant Governor - Chandrakantha Courtney

Attorney General - Jamar Osborne

Comptroller of Public Accounts - Deb Shafto

Commissioner of Agriculture - Kenneth Kendrick

Railroad Commissioner - Martina Salinas

Commissioner of General Land Office - Valerie Alessi


Note: Judicial Candidates have major restrictions on campaigning, so they are generally silent on issues to avoid violating the law - they can't tell you what their stances are on issues.  However, Green party organizers know these people well and they will support the people over corporations:

Supreme Court Justice Place 7 - Charles E. Waterbury

Supreme Court Justice Place 8 - Jim Chisolm

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4 - Judith Sanders-Castro

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9 - George Joseph Altgelt



US Representative District 2 - Mark Roberts

US Representative District 3 - Paul Blair

US Representative District 13 - Don Cook

US Representative District 18 - Remington Alessi

US Representative District 21 - Antonio Diaz

US Representative District 28 - Michael D. Cary

US Representative District 35 - kat swift

US Representative District 36 - Hal J. Ridley, Jr


State Senate District 10 - John Tunmire

State Senate District 17 - David Courtney

State Representative District 42 - Nicholas Serna III

State Representative District 64 - Braeden Wright

State Representative District 80 - Marco Buentello

State Representative District 123 - Paul Ingmundson

State Representative District 130 - Art Browning

State Representative District 146 - Morgan Bradford


County Judge - (Bexar) Paul Pipkin

County Clerk - (Bexar) Earl Lyons

County Commissioner Precinct 2 - (Bexar) Chuck Robinson

County Clerk - (Comal) Matthew Hanson

County Clerk - (Denton) Schyler Butler

County Judge - (Harris) David B. Collins

County Clerk - (Travis) William Stout

County Judge - (Webb) Frank Cortez

County Commissioner Precinct 1 - (Webb) Erika Martinez

County Commissioner Precinct 4 - (Webb) Luis F. Decker

County Treasurer - (Webb) Jesus Quiroz

Justice of the Peace Pct 2, Pl 1 - (Webb) William "Willie" Koehn

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 - (Webb) Lakshmana "Vish" Viswanath


Candidates not running active campaigns are Occupying the Ballot to increase voter awareness that there is another way.

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