Who are your candidates I can vote for in November?


List of 2016 candidates and their websites and survey answers


Voter Guides:

League of Women Voters = Texas - can find link to local guides at bottom

ivoters.com guide – a conservative “Judeo-Christian” guide begun in Dallas, TX that has gone national with some valuable info on state/federal candidates (note they consider Clinton and Stein the same rating of “very liberal”):https://ivoterguide.com/ Plug in your address for your ballot.


Austin Area: Left Up to Us voters guide – a progressive collective of ex-Bernie-ites (that includes endorsements in some races, although they ran out of time to endorse in all races, so some races just have info on the candidates):http://leftuptous.org/votersguide

League of Conservation Voters guide grades incumbent legislators -http://www.tlcv.org/wordpress/wp-co...

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