Got any videos of candidates?



Here are some:

Martina Salinas – Listen to the Voice of the People


Martina Salinas – Texas Can Be a Renewable Energy Leader


Rodolfo Rivera Munoz – Indian Nations Left Out in 1776


Adam King Blackwell Reposa - Structural Inequality


Ashely “Flashe” Gordon 1 – Pushed Out of East Austin by Gentrification


Ashely “Flashe” Gordon 2 – Stop School to Prison Pipeline


Debbie Russell – Stop School to Prison Pipeline


Vanessa Tijerina – We Are in a Revolution and Votes Are Our Muskets


Vanessa Tijerina 2 – Students Included Me in Debates


Vanessa Tijerina 3 – From Bernie to the Green Party


Travis Christal – Greens Win Debates


Gary Stuard – Global Warming Must Be Our First Priority


Kevin McCormick 1 – Real Cost of Fracking


Kevin McCormick 2 – The Time Is Now for Positive Change

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