Charles Waterbury

Q: What office are you thinking of running for?
A: Texas Supreme Court Place 5


Q: Of the Green Party's ten key values, please list the three you feel are the most important and what relevance they offer to Texas voters.
A: Decentralization: For Texas voters this means respecting the verdicts of juries who actually hear a case rather than having a Supreme Court, run by insurance companies, substituting the result that better suits the insurance companies. Respect for Diversity: Texans benefit when ALL groups/opinions/beliefs have a robust exchange. Only through the exchange of competing beliefs can we achieve a better Texas. Grassroots Democracy: Texans are best served when the democratic process isn't dictated by the special interests of any one party/group.


Q: What is your experience with the consensus decision-making process?
A: It is the best way to insure that as many views as are feasible can be represented in a final decision and thus as a general rule benefits the most people.


Q: Do you believe Greens have relevance in the USA? Please list why you believe/don't believe a third party possesses relevance in the US electoral system.
A: My race is State based. I confine my response to Texas. Texans benefit if/when different political views are represented by multiple parties. Multi-party democracy in Texas is vital though one must take the long view on this.

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