Convention Documents

These are the documents, ballots, and checklists you will need to conduct your nominating conventions:


Pre-Convention County Chair Tasks (Updated 2/21/16)


Have a copy of these available for review at all conventions:

Party Rules

Amendment to resolve conflicting bylaws


Precinct Conventions:

Post Precinct Convention Notice on website

Precinct Convention Basics/FAQ

Sample PctConv Minutes

PctConv Checklist

Precinct Convention Notice

Affiliation Certificate

Precinct Conv Participant List

Obtain pdf of ballots from State CoChair to print on white or light colored paper (NOT YELLOW)

Sample Redacted Ballot for voter in Travis County

Vote Tally Form

Precinct Delegate List to County Convention


County conventions:

Post County Convention Notice on website

County Convention FAQ

Sample County Convention Minutes

County Participant List

District Delegate List

State Delegate List

Certification of Nominees


District Conventions:

District Convention FAQ

Certification of Nominees


State Convention:

State Convention FAQ

Certification of Nominees

PNC Delegate List


National Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC):

PNC Delegate FAQ


Other resources:

Consensus Meeting Process

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