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    Candidate Development Workshop & Ballot Access Training

    Join us in North Texas and prepare to grow the Green Party in 2018!

    On Saturday, September 30th, prospective candidates will receive orientation and support on how to run as a Green in 2018. On Sunday, ballot access volunteers will receive training on how to operate the convention and petition process.



    10-11am – Registration & Welcome

    (Photo & Green Screen info collected & short introductions)

    11-noon – Party Orientation & Green Vision messaging

    (presenter: Laura Palmer)

    Noon – 1pm – small group breakouts & Lunch

    (prospective candidates charged with working on elevator pitch / stump speech with small groups)

    1-2pm – Campaign 101

    (basics of running a campaign; must haves & must dos)

    (presenter: katija gruene)

    2-3pm – Interfacing with GP resources / building the party

    (presenter: Wesson Gaige)

    3-4pm – Ballot Access avenues & requirements

    (party vs. independent ballot access overview)

    (presenter: Travis Christal)

    4-5pm – Prospective Candidate Forum

    (would-be candidates deliver stump speech/elevator pitch to gathering)

    5-6pm – Wrap Up & Networking Mixer




    Noon – 1pm – Ballot Access Overview for a “convention nominating” party


    1 – 2 pm – Operating the precinct, county, district & state conventions


    2 – 3 pm – Supplementing voter signatures with a petition drive


    3 – 4 pm – Petition signature collection & verification training


    4 – 5 pm – Organizing teams for petition signature collection (candidates & local parties)


    Volunteers Requested: Help is needed in various roles:

    • Registration/intake
    • Photographer
    • Livestream/video
    • Candidate profiles
    • Meeting logistics

    Please sign up for a shift using the RSVP form on this page.

    September 30, 2017 at 10am - October 01, 2017 at 5pm
    Dallas Public Library
    1515 Young St
    Dallas, TX 75201
    United States
    Google map and directions
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  • published Supporting the Next Generation of Activists 2017-08-05 12:25:23 -0600

    Supporting the Next Generation of Activists

    Most people engaged in progressive politics despair at the difficulty of convincing Joe Average to get involved, to take action against oppression. We all seem to want the same things...income and wealth equality, racial equality, women’s rights, fair and decent pay, safe cities and communities, a healthy planet...the list goes on and on. Getting people on board with the message should be easy because, even if our lists are in different orders of importance, we know that the bottom line is human rights, peace, and respect.

    We are hampered in our fight because so many have become so desperate and enraged. The channels of disinformation are so overpowering that they honestly don’t know whom to believe. So, these people—our friends, neighbors, community members, colleagues—choose to vote for politicians who are enacting legislation that will have negative impacts on their lives. Or they’re not voting, claiming that all politicians are the same.

    We see this happen, and as activists, we are frustrated. We keep having to fight for the same issues. We gain ground on one hand and lose it on the other. We despair because we are unable to get people to fight for their own rights. Their sense of powerlessness holds us all back and is dooming us to more of the same.


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    2018 Precinct Nominating Conventions

    Want Ballot Access??? SAVE THE DATE! - March 13, 2018

    Remember - Don't vote in the primary!

    If you want to see the Green Party of Texas back on the ballot in 2018, the absolute most important date to mark on your calendar is Tuesday, March 13th, 2018. This is because state election code sets the date for precinct nominating conventions as the second Tuesday in March. As a convention nominating party, the Green Party of Texas is NOT included in primary elections that take place in the Spring. To support Green ballot access, voters must SAVE their primary vote to legally participate in the GPTX nominating conventions that are mandated to occur the week following the primary election.

    GPTX needs 47,182 verified voter signatures submitted to the Texas Secretary of State's office in order to regain ballot access. Signature collection begins with voters signing in to participate in the Green nominating conventions, and can be supplemented by petition drive during the 75 day convention period. So once you participate in the convention, we also ask that you help with the petition drive to assure that we collect sufficient signatures.

    Specific locations will be posted at least 10 days in advance. Local volunteers should advise GPTX of convention locations when they are determined. GPTX will provide ballots, procedural support, and training as the convention period approaches.

    Critical to our success in 2018 will be the development of a strong slate of candidates to deliver Green platform messaging and engage with the public on Green issues. Individuals interested in running as Green candidates can express initial interest by completing our Green Screen Survey. Our candidate development committee will then engage with individuals to facilitate the candidacy process. The candidate application period for the 2018 general election will technically occur from November to December 2017. Individual volunteers interested in working on candidate development should connect with their local party.


    March 13, 2018 at 7pm

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    That last comment was for the Houston event at the Last Concert Café, 12-7 pm on the 15th.

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    Get Involved

    Voter involvement is key to the success of our efforts. Take the first step by joining us today!


    Please be sure to give us a valid zip code so that you will be automatically connected to your local county party.


    Sign up

IT wrangler, novelist, Green since 1993, HCGP rabble-rouser since 2000, 2012 GPTX nominee for US Senate, 2014 nominee for Harris County Judge
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