Dwight Burdick

Close match for my proclivities; pacifist, "Libertarian Socialist", and advocate for equality, fraternity, environment, Universal National Health Service, expanded social safety net, and more.

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    Q: Please provide a profile with background information that is not addressed by the above questions. Feel free to list alma mater, employment, family, hobbies, etc.
    A: I wasn’t born in Port Aransas, Nueces County, or Texas, but I got here as soon as I could. I was educated by dedicated teachers in institutions funded by the people of Texas, La Porte public schools, Rice University, the University of Texas, and the University of Texas Medical Branch. I have spent the majority of my professional career in the Emergency Departments of the inner city county hospitals of Texas. Late in my career, I worked in the Middle East, gaining first hand experience in the failed foreign policy of the United Sates which increasingly favors military intervention over diplomacy. My family is my life and the specific reason for my political activity. My parents left a better country for my generation. My generation will not do the same unless all of us wake up, pay attention, and Rise, Resist, Revolt.

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    Check out Green Party of Texas. I just joined.

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Aging 60's radical physician, still ready for action.
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