GOTV Tomorrow for a Green Texas Future

This election season much has been happening - our Senatorial candidate, Emily "Spicybrown" Sanchez, made the New York Times; our Agricultural Commissioner candidate Kenneth Kendrick, was endorsed by top TX political bloggers; and our Railroad Commissioner candidate, Martina Salinas, has earned media attention statewide.

There are many more candidates to support also and please remember to vote for state-wide judicial Greens so we can keep ballot access for 2016.

Despite what some may say, your vote does count

               ...and the more people...

             you take with you to the polls

                       ...the better.

So go vote! And remind everybody you know to go vote too!!

To help you can now access our Green nation via email, twitter, and facebook to make your Green political impact on your fellow citizens easier.

Thank you for your time, your vote(s), your support, and for Getting out the Vote (GOTV),

Green Outreach

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