Elected Officers


State Executive Committee Members

Our State Executive Committee handles the business affairs of the state party between state meetings per the bylaws. Members are elected at annual state meetings or conventions.




Term Expires

Co-Chair Wesson Gaige 2019
Co-Chair Joy Davis 2020
Secretary George Reiter 2019
Treasurer Alfred Molison 2020
At Large Kevin McCormick 2019
At Large Cory Michael Bowers 2019
At Large Herb Gonzales 2019
At Large Shawn Gay 2019
At Large Janis Richards 2019

If you would like to contact one of the SEC members or would like to run for a position at our next annual state meeting, please send us a message using our contact form or post a message on the #SEC channel on our Slack page.

Archive of SEC Minutes

Check out our meeting archives to see minutes from recent meetings and to find out when our next meeting will be.

Delegates to the Green Party National Committee

Texas' National Delegates and Alternates are chosen every two years at the State Convention.


Name Term Expires
Alison Bittick  2019
Alan Alan Apurim  2019
Wesson Gaige  2019
Laura Palmer  2019
Herb Gonzales  2019
Valerie Alessi  2019
Janis Richards  2019
Gary Stuard 2019
Adrian Boutureira 2019
Aaron Renaud, Alternate 2019


Regional Coordinators 

Regional Coordinators are volunteers who facilitate organization, growth, and communication between county parties in a region. Coordinators are appointed by the GPTX SEC in cooperation with the county parties. GPTX SEC has divided Texas' 254 counties into 10 regions.


Region Area Name Tel#
1 West Texas Shawn Gay (915) 229-8088
2 Lower Panhandle Mark Lawson (806) 790-8600
3 Upper Panhandle Rusty Tomlinson (806) 477-9765
4 North West Central    

North Texas / DFW

Wesson Gaige

Cory Bowers

(214) 906-2909

(817) 675-2757

6 East Texas Hal Ridley Jr. (409) 553-4129
7 West Central Texas Antonio Diaz (210) 542-9271
8 Central Texas   (210) 471-1791
9 South East Texas Janis Richards (713) 417-3033
10 South Texas Luis Decker (956) 771-8115