So many factors are at play in Elections

Remember it isn't all about the Presidential race!

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help in these last few days before the Election?



Get materials at these events:

Event in McAllen on Saturday, Nov 5

Event in Corpus Christi on Sunday, Nov 6

Event in San Antonio on Monday, Nov 7

or Get with your local organizers for materials(scroll down for contact numbers-but don't sign up (we won't get the info in time, call or text us!).

on Election Day You can put up signs (night before best),  poll watch, do an exit poll, or hand out flyers at polling locations!

There is also a great list of things to do from the Stein/Baraka Campaign (and read why 5% in Texas is important too)


Where do I vote on Election Day?


Google actually has a special search for polling places, which is probably the easiest.

The state tells you this:  Election Day voting hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at all polling places statewide. For questions regarding polling places, always consult your County Elections Office. *Your voting precinct number (Pct. No.) is located next to your year of birth on your voter registration certificate.

We will have someone on the phone during the voting hours on Election Day, so if all else fails, call 512-551-0310.  If you get voicemail we will get back to you asap.  We only have one line.

What Id do I have to have to Vote?

There was a court ruling on TX voter ID law, so what do I need to take with me to vote this year?

What if I have a problem voting?


If you have problems voting call one of these Election Protection hotlines 866-OUR-VOTE (eng) and 888-Ve Y-Vota (esp)

You can also document your story about your voting problems at jill2016.com/votingproblems. Please encourage people to fill out the report form if they call or write in with problems.

If you are not able to get one of the seven forms of approved photo ID listed below, you can vote by (1) signing a declaration at the polls explaining why you are unable to get one of the forms of approved ID, and (2) providing one of these forms of supporting documentation:

  • certified birth certificate (must be an original from the county; hospital certificates are not accepted),
  • valid voter registration certificate
  • copy or original of one of the following:
    • current utility bill,
    • bank statement,
    • government check,
    • paycheck,
    • or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter,
      • original required if it contains a photograph.

After presenting ONE of these supporting documents, you must fill out and sign a "Reasonable Impediment Declaration" - the Election workers SHOULD give you one automatically, but if they don't, make sure you go through the trouble to get one or your vote will be discarded and not counted.  If you have an excuse, like "I forgot" they will also discard your vote, you must have a reasonable impediment or difficulty to getting a PhotoID, like not having resources to buy one, etc.

If you encounter any problems with this process, you have the right to speak to the Election Judge.  If that person does not follow these rules and provide the proper documentation, please get their full name and a photo of their id, and the name of their supervisor.  This will allow you to file a formal complaint that we have a volunteer to help you with.  Contact us at 512.551.0310 from the polling station.

Here is a list of the acceptable forms of photo ID:

  • Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS  (see below)
  • Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
  • Texas license to carry a handgun issued by DPS
  • United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States passport

The identification must be current or have expired no more than 4 years before the day you vote (2012).  the only exception is the U.S. citizenship certificate, which shouldn't have an expiration date.

Election Identification Certificates are available from DPS driver license offices during regular business hours. Find mobile station locations here.


source: http://www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/need-id


This just in Nov 4 - more voter info based on problems during early voting:


For Immediate Release

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Contact: Zenén Jaimes Pérez, Communications Director

Contact: Stacie Burgess, Communications Director, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Civil Rights groups launch public education campaign on Texas’ voter ID
Problems with early voting demand greater explanation for Texas’ voter ID law

Austin, TX — Today, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the Texas Civil Rights Project launched a public education campaign to explain Texas’ voter ID law. The groups’ paid media campaign through Election Day utilizes the Texas Association of Broadcasters’ Public Education Partnership program for nonprofit and government agencies.  It includes English and Spanish-language Radio and TV spots in all Texas media markets and targeted digital video ads that will deliver more than 1 million impressions to Texans across the state.

Data and information collected by the Election Protection hotline suggests that much confusion still remains about the recent federal court-ordered changes to the voter ID law. Reports indicate that polling locations in Bexar, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Hays, McLennan, and Travis Counties, at a minimum, are posting misleading or inaccurate information regarding the need for photo ID to vote. In several cases, voters were almost turned away from the polls due to the law. The Texas Civil Rights Project has already sent a letter to the Secretary of State asking that he take immediate steps to solve the problems of inaccurate information about photo IDs.

Additionally, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund  filed a lawsuit last Friday afternoon after attorneys and volunteers visited and documented illegal enforcement of the voter ID law in more than 25 percent of Bexar County’s early voting polling places.

The public education campaign includes 30-second digital video and 30-second radio advertisements in both English and Spanish explaining the requirements for photo ID and what voters can do if they reasonably could not obtain a photo ID. It also directs voters to more information as well as the 866-OUR-VOTE and 888-Ve Y-Vota Election Protection hotline numbers.

Mimi Marziani, Executive Director with the Texas Civil Rights Project, said:

“Over the past week of early voting, we have seen confusion and many troubling instances regarding the state’s voter ID law. No voter should be at risk of being turned away at the polls due to last minute changes to the state’s already discriminatory law. Our public education campaign will educate voters throughout the state about the law and arm them with the information they need to cast a ballot that counts during early voting and on election day.”

Maria Peralta, Senior National Coordinator, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, said:

“Empowering voters means educating voters about their rights. Based on what we've seen since the start of Early Voting in TX, it is clear that there is a need for more accurate information about the expanded voter ID rules. We are excited about this expansive media campaign that will reach voters across the state of Texas. And as always, Election Protection stands ready to help voters with any questions or problems at the polls."

During early voting, the Election Protection coalition is encouraging voters to call the toll-free English language hotline, 866-OUR-VOTE. Additionally, Spanish-speaking voters may seek bilingual assistance through the 888-VE-Y-VOTA hotline and Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali speakers can use the 888-API-VOTE number.

Additional Resources:


What If I have Problems Voting?


If you have problems voting call one of these Election Protection hotlines 866-OUR-VOTE (eng) and 888-Ve Y-Vota (esp)

You can also document your story about your voting problems at jill2016.com/votingproblems. Please encourage people to fill out the report form if they call or write in with problems.

Who are your candidates I can vote for in November?


List of 2016 candidates and their websites and survey answers


Voter Guides:

League of Women Voters = Texas - can find link to local guides at bottom

ivoters.com guide – a conservative “Judeo-Christian” guide begun in Dallas, TX that has gone national with some valuable info on state/federal candidates (note they consider Clinton and Stein the same rating of “very liberal”):https://ivoterguide.com/ Plug in your address for your ballot.


Austin Area: Left Up to Us voters guide – a progressive collective of ex-Bernie-ites (that includes endorsements in some races, although they ran out of time to endorse in all races, so some races just have info on the candidates):http://leftuptous.org/votersguide

League of Conservation Voters guide grades incumbent legislators -http://www.tlcv.org/wordpress/wp-co...

Got any videos of candidates?



Here are some:

Martina Salinas – Listen to the Voice of the People



Martina Salinas – Texas Can Be a Renewable Energy Leader



Rodolfo Rivera Munoz – Indian Nations Left Out in 1776



Adam King Blackwell Reposa - Structural Inequality



Ashely “Flashe” Gordon 1 – Pushed Out of East Austin by Gentrification



Ashely “Flashe” Gordon 2 – Stop School to Prison Pipeline



Debbie Russell – Stop School to Prison Pipeline



Vanessa Tijerina – We Are in a Revolution and Votes Are Our Muskets



Vanessa Tijerina 2 – Students Included Me in Debates



Vanessa Tijerina 3 – From Bernie to the Green Party



Travis Christal – Greens Win Debates



Gary Stuard – Global Warming Must Be Our First Priority



Kevin McCormick 1 – Real Cost of Fracking



Kevin McCormick 2 – The Time Is Now for Positive Change


Can I do an exit poll?

Citizen Exit Polls are legal in Texas, how do I do one?


Instructions and Forms needed are all here - print the forms you need and send results to Vote Rescue (instructions in files)

training video is now up at www.vote-rescue.org

If you are in Travis County, please see extra instructions here

How do I become a Poll Watcher?

I want to make sure the election process is done properly and no voters' rights are suppressed.  What do I do?


text Debbie Russell at 512-573-6194 for training information

Training Video

Documents - includes training manual for Election Judges

Election Protection hotlines 866-OUR-VOTE (eng) and 888-Ve Y-Vota (esp)

People can also document their stories about their voting problems at jill2016.com/votingproblems. Please encourage people to fill out the report form if they call or write in with problems.


How to strategically help the Green Party get 5% for ballot access in 2018


Because of the "straight party" option on Texas ballots, getting 5% is no easy feat, especially when there is both a D and a R in the race.  In fact it hasn't happened in 30years.

But you can help us skew these results by voting for Green candidates in statewide offices regardless of how you vote elsewhere.  

We know many people ride the fence between Greens and Democrats, but this year, no candidate for statewide office on the Dem Ticket is "progressive" nor anti-establishment. In fact, the Dems helped change the state laws so they could easily run a full slate of Statewide Judicial candidates this year solely for the purpose of trying to kick us off the ballot like they did in 2002*.

Your votes for Green statewide candidates will help us secures 5% so that candidates up and down the ballot can run for office as Greens in 2018.

All of our judicial candidates are worth your vote, and our Railroad Commissioner candidate is not a pawn of the energy industry that controls the commission currently.

So regardless of how you vote, whether for individuals or straight-party, or who you vote for in other races, we hope you will help preserve the right of the Green Party to be on the ballot in Texas for the 2018 election.

*Note this also applies to the Libertarian Party

Things to know about Winning and Ballot Access


A "win" is relative.  In Texas, in order for people to run for any partisan race: Justice of the Peace and other county level offices, state legislature, statewide office like Supreme Court, Criminal Court of Appeals, all the way up to Governor and President, a party has to have ballot access.  Obtaining ballot access is no easy feat.  TX is the fifth most difficult ballot line.

The easiest way is to maintain ballot access once a party obtains it as we did again in 2010.  Parties do this by running statewide candidates.  Therefore, a "win" is 5% in any statewide race.  See: "How to strategically help the Green Party get 5% for ballot access in 2018" and what 5% of the popular vote for President means.

If a party doesn't get 5% in a statewide race, then two years later, they must spend ~$300,000 to collect signatures of registered voters who didn't vote in a primary, our sign the petition of another party, in 75 days - one must collect about 50% more signatures than are required to account for people who have been removed from rolls, or never had their registrations entered by the DMV (a big problem in TX), or never actually registered, but say they are.  So it amounts to approximately 75,000 signatures in 75 days.  That's 1000 signatures a day.

The hurdles to running for Justice of the Peace, County Commissioner, Tax Assessor, State Legislature, etc. should not be this high.

Independent candidates also have high hurdles, and in some cases it is even easier to get a party on the ballot than an Independent, e.g. President.

So if you have great Green local candidates in your area, we hope you will elect them and vote for Statewide candidates so they have the opportunity to run for reelection, and others like them can run in 2018.

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