Electoral Reform

We are a part of a coalition - Texans for Electoral Reform - working to open up elections in TX to independents and non-primary parties.

Our specific electoral goals in the 2017 Texas Legislative Session are to:
  • Win fair ballot access for independent candidates and other parties - HB 3068
  • End "one-punch" straight ticket voting thereby encouraging voters to learn more about individual candidates, their platforms and qualifications - HB25/SB2175
  • Protect citizens petition rights, a right Texans have enjoyed in all home rule cities since 1912.
  • Protect the integrity of our elections and ensure that they are verifiable - HB1711/SB369
  • Support real redistricting reform - no bills filed for independent commission, only one bill for a bipartisan commission (HB369)
The coalition meets every Wednesday night for 1-hour conference calls from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Please join us on the call and bring your questions. Contact one of us below to get call information.

Call to Action - End Straight Ticket voting - Pass HB25  & move SB2175 out of committee

Call To Action - move bills out of Elections Committee


Linda Curtis, League of Independent Voters, Volunteer Coordinator 512.213.4511
katija gruene, Secretary, Green Party of Texas, 210.471.1791
Mark Miller, Libertarian Party of Texas, Vice-Chair, 512.789.6957
Mike Lewis, Left Up to Us, 719.337.6635

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