George Reiter

Office sought: Railroad Commissioner
Election Date: November 6, 2018


George Reiter was born on April 1, 1941.  He has some memories of the blackouts during the war, and the change in the emotional ambiance in the working class-middle class neighborhood he grew up in when the war ended.  He felt safe growing up  in the family and the world he found himself in,  spending his free time playing ball and other games in the streets with the  cohort of children who lived with him on  “the block”. His father, a New York City detective, died when he was twelve .  His mother and sister supported him through Cornell as an undergraduate, where he decided he wanted to   do physics.. He graduated with a Ph. D from Stanford in 1967, and went to work as an assistant Professor at the University of California at Irvine.  He had become convinced by the movement of the times that the slaughter in Vietnam was unjustifiable, and joined with other faculty  and graduate students in opposing it, taking a leading role in organizing the first peace march in Orange County and a peripheral role in bringing about the ABM treaty.    He was fired  from Irvine, along with many other faculty in the UC system in Ronald Reagan’s California,  in the aftermath of the collapse of the movements  of the 60’s. He kept working as a physicist  by taking jobs in Switzerland, Sweden Brazil and the US, becoming  a tenured professor at the University of Houston in  1982,. He was subsequently instrumental in the movement of scientists who successfully  opposed the Star Wars program of Ronald Reagan.  He is an internationally known physicist,  co-host and producer of Thresholds, a program on new possibilities in the society on KPFT.  He has been using  the radio to warn and educate about climate change since 1996. He is running for a position on the Railroad Commission  to  bring to the people of Texas the necessity  of returning the Railroad Commission to its proper role of regulating the energy industry,  rather than defending its excesses, replacing our petroleum based energy system with one using entirely renewable sources, and working with socially responsible members of the  energy  industry to  bring about that transition.


Campaign Info

George will be on the 2018 Green Party of Texas Nominating Convention ballots. Precinct nominating conventions will be on March 13.

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