GPTX Calls for Candidates, Announces 2016 PNC in Houston

The Green Party of Texas is calling for interested individuals to stand as candidates on the 2016 general election ballot. To get started becoming a Green candidate, please complete this survey to help us determine where you stand in relation to GPTX platform & values. We will then have a candidate liaison contact you to guide you through the elections process.

GPTX delegates just returned from the GPUS annual meeting, and we are pleased to announce that Houston has been chosen to host the 2016 GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention! If you would like to be part of this historic event, now is the time to become active with GPTX in helping to strengthen the party & making 2016 our best election cycle to date!

GPTX SEC has big plans for our organization through 2016. Bernie Sanders is riding a populist wave in the Democratic primary that closely aligns with Green positions. For Greens who are committed to building an electoral alternative outside of the Democratic Party, we must be prepared to capture as much of this momentum as possible when the super-delegates and other Democratic Party machinery finally close the door on the Sanders campaign. To do this, we will put forward a solid & coordinated slate of candidates this cycle, and we will conduct a Green Party brand awareness campaign intended to let voters know that they still have an opportunity to vote their values & put people, peace, and planet before profit.

We need you to plug in now so that we can grow our local networks & be ready to make hay when the duopoly offers us Bush vs. Clinton. GPUS is making tremendous progress toward complete ballot access for 2016. This goal could be accomplished for less than 3/4 million dollars, so we encourage you to donate to that effort if you see the need for political revolution as we do. Or, you could donate to sustain GPTX in building the party here in Texas. Either way, Greens get more votes per dollar than any other party, and you can rest assured that we will make the most of your contribution in building this essential political alternative.

Lastly, GPTX SEC currently has three vacancies, and is soliciting recommendations and volunteers to fill these slots within the coming months.

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  • commented 2015-08-29 12:57:51 -0600
    I donate to the GPTX whenever I can. Please note that, I already give a monthly sustainer, in person, to the Harris County Green Party of Texas at their monthly meetings
    I also contribute to national
    and statewide Green Party candidates whenever I can. I know that an “army travels on its stomach.” So I encourage other Green Party members to do likewise. :)
    “Para adelante, juntos, Verdecitos!” “Forward, together, my dear Greens.”:) :)
    —-Maria Elena Castellanos,
  • @TXGreens tweeted this page. 2015-08-18 08:04:55 -0600
    GPTX Calls for Candidates, Announces 2016 PNC in Houston