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The Green Party is only party that has always been aware and supported the indigenous struggle of justice and eguality.

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    Q: Where would you like to see the 2017 GPTX Annual State Meeting, scheduled for June 10 - 11, held?
    A: i would like to see it held in Corpus or the Rio Grande ValleyLaredo or McAllen.

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    I will be an alternate delegate to the PNC in Houston. This is my notification of my intention to be present at the PNC of the Green Party of the United States in Houston August 4-7 2016.

    Herb Gonzales Jr.

    Alternate delegate of GPTX

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  • commented on Burnt Greens - a New Blog for Travis County Green Party 2016-06-10 02:16:30 -0500
    hey yeah, I hope you are doing well in Austin and may want to post some of my observations of the Making of Tejas Verde.

  • commented on Thomas Kleven 2016-06-10 02:09:37 -0500
    Tom. I was in your Property I and The Common law in 1980-81. I immediately recognized your name and saw that you were in Harris county. I remember vividly you wearing faded jeans and sandals to class. Your class was very interesting but I struggled with the law of thirds and to write coherently about in the final exam was most challenging I earned a C- and was very disappointed. I did not complete my year and withdrew the day after the attempted assassination of Reagan. I wish you the best and hope to meet with you in Houston at the PNC in August.

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