Greens Growing in Texas

The Green Party of Texas is proud to offer a broad slate of candidates this year. Several of our candidates have been actively campaigning across our large state and came together at a fundraiser in Houston on October 4th to talk about their messages. Pictured above are FIVE of our wonderful statewide candidates! From left to right: Deb Shafto, Emily "Spicy Brown" Sanchez, Martina Salinas, Kenneth Kendrick, and Jim Chisholm, GP candidate for Supreme Court Justice Place 8.

Martina Salinas, candidate for Railroad Commissioner, emphasized the historical purpose of the Railroad Commission to protect the public from abuse by industry.

Kenneth Kendrick, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, reiterated his commitment to food safety and integrity in state government.

Emily "Spicy Brown" Sanchez discussed her run for Senate and the need for universal health care and immigration reform.

Deb Shafto, running for Comptroller of Public Accounts, emphasized the importance of that office in helping the public and legislators make informed public policy decisions.

The Green Party of Texas is proud of all our candidates spreading Green perspective & awareness in the community. Thank you for standing up for People, Peace, and Planet over Profit!

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