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Hector Trevino

Potential Race: Texas State House, District 21


I was raised in South Padre Island and studied Biology at the University of Texas Pan American. I then earned my doctorate at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Illinois, where I met my wife, Allie. We are excitedly expecting a daughter in November of 2017! After experiencing four years of sub-zero winters, I’m glad to be back in Texas. I currently practice dentistry in Port Arthur at a community health clinic. 

My interest in politics began in college. It did not take long for me to realize that our system is corrupt and rigged against poor and middle class citizens. This outrage inspired me to educate myself on the issues and prepare to pursue politics. I am passionate about the issues because I have personally witnessed and experienced the injustices that face everyday Americans.

For example: My mother raised a family of five working for near minimum wage at McDonalds; When my father was diagnosed with brain cancer, I watched as my mom struggled to come up with the money for medical expenses; Working at a community health clinic, every day I see people in my community also struggle to get the medical care they need; My brother had to consider taking a semester off from school to work and save just to keep his head above water; Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, I watched families being torn apart by deportation; My wife and I, along with 47 million people are being crushed by student loan debt at an astounding 8% interest rate, which is especially egregious considering that banks borrow from the government at  a 0.75% rate. I share these stories because, sadly, these things are happening to millions of people, and no one is helping us. It’s time we take matters into our own hands.


I humbly offer myself to represent you in the Texas House. I will fight for the right to quality health care, a just economy with a living wage, free college education, forgiving all student loan debt, protecting immigrants, fighting the corrupting influence of money in our political system, equal rights for women, striving for peace and human rights in foreign affairs, and ending police brutality and mass incarcerations. If you care about women, minorities, the poor, and destroying the corporate oligarchy then join me in the fight against establishment republicans and corporate democrats to actually make America great.


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