Houston Women's March

This Saturday morning, many Houston area Greens will join the Houston Women’s March to say #TimesUp to abuse of authority and corruption. 

Last year, I felt hope when I walked with the Houston Women’s March, seeing kindred spirits calling for Human Rights for All, Single-payer Healthcare, Peace, Social & Economic Justice, and a sane approach to facing Climate Transition.

I am awed and proud to see the strength of women, who carry the burdens of bearing our families & press on for the sake of our children. Women hold the power to shape the next generation. We must embrace that power to change the world.

We must push back against creeping authoritarianism and justifications for violent abuse of authority. We must nurture compassion, mercy, and wisdom to find a way forward for our communities.

Our market economy has commoditized all necessities of life. We must create a participatory, rather than a predatory, economic system, so that all citizens may live with basic dignity.

It is for these reasons that I volunteer attempting to build GPTX, despite outrageous barriers to ballot access and electoral participation, in order to advocate for Green issues and push them into the mainstream political consciousness. I invite you to support GPTX in its 2018 drive for ballot access, and into the future as an alternative party for political progressives.

People, Peace, & Planet over Profit!

Laura Palmer

Co-chair GPTX SEC

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