Joseph McElligott

Q: Of the Green Party's ten key values, please list the three you feel are the most important and what relevance they offer to Texas voters.


Q: Do you disagree with anything in the GPTX platform? If so, please explain why you disagree.
A: at the moment, no.


Q: What is your experience with the consensus decision-making process?
A: I believe in a simple majority because it allows for a quicker process. Some may associate a consensus decision making process where everyone must be in agreement. I am not sure if this is possible and/or realistic. I believe participatory budgeting can be used in the grassroots democracy by bringing people of different backgrounds together.


Q: Do you believe Greens have relevance in the USA? Please list why you believe/don't believe a third party possesses relevance in the US electoral system.
A: Currently the two major third parties in the USA are the libertarian and green parties. The green party is very relevant in the US and we must do a better job of reaching out to youth, families and communities showing tangible results we have accomplished and how we differ from the democrats.


Q: Are you active with your county Green Party? Please list why if you are not. If you are active, please list your primary activities with your county party.
A: I would like to carry the green party banner because the current democratic candidates are not advocating on behalf of the poor, middle class and veterans.


Q: In your race, please list the top five talking points that you would cover in a debate with your opponents. With each talking point, please show how the Green Party's ten key values or platform would provide a solution.
A: 1. Repeal TABOR (Tax payer bill of rights) 2. tax increment finance reform 3. Voting Rights 4. Raise Minimum and Tipped Wage 5. Paid Leave Please see my website for more information.


Q: List your constituency's characteristics and three ways you will reach out to them.
A: The three ways I will reach out to my constituents. 1. Public forums 2. Online (website, social media) 3. General marketing and outreach


Q: How do you plan to raise money for your campaign? How much money do you plan to fundraise? Please include a copy of your prospective budget(s).
A: At the moment I have raised $500 to cover the ballot fee. I would be interested in collecting donations from the green party to cover yard signs.


Q: Please provide a profile with background information that is not addressed by the above questions. Feel free to list alma mater, employment, family, hobbies, etc.


Q: What office are you thinking of running for?
A: Texas house district 127

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