Kevin McCormick

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    I just made a donation to Green Party of Texas, will you follow my lead?


    The Green Party of Texas would like to thank you for your financial support. We will use these funds to operate and grow the party, defend ballot access, fund campaigns and promote our platform positions.

    Unlike the two major parties, the Green Party does not accept donations from corporations, only individuals ... just like you. In doing so we make very clear our commitment to Green politics -- for and in the interest of the people.

    We also encourage you to join our monthly sustainer program to help in sustainable funds.


    Our secure donation form is given below, or if you prefer please mail a check to:

    Green Party of Texas
    P.O. Box 271080
    Houston, TX 77277-1080

    Please be sure to include your occupation in the comment field of your personal check as required by the Texas Ethics Commission.

    Please note: Only personal donations will be accepted. No corporate, partnership, multi-person trust, or political action committee funds will be accepted.


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    I live in Carrollton Texas. I would like to know about ways to promote the green party and help. Is there anyone in Carrollton or nearby who is also interested in the green party?

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