Lobby Day

Our Water, Our Land, Our Elections Lobby Day

Please come to Austin for the Lobby Day,

            Friday March 24 anytime between 10 am and 3 pm

            Texas State Capital in Austin

room E2.002


Go to the “Our Water, Our Land, Our Elections Lobby Day” Facebook page to sign up with your state rep/senate districts to help us prepare.  If you forget, just come on down, no one turned away, this is your civic duty!



This will be a first-rate education process with several extremely experienced people who've been active in Texas politics for decades (but we are also all volunteers with little funding so don't expect frills!)

And the next day there will be a great conference on these issues in Cedar Creek, TX, learn more about getting involved and go in deeper into these subjects:

Texas Populism Conference: The FB event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1472217342812587/

Sponsors are Texans for Electoral Competition and Texans for Accountable Government


About Texans for Electoral Competition:

Founded by the League of Independent Texas Voters, the Green Party of Texas, and the Libertarian Party of Texas. Current members of the coalition include Texans for Accountable Government, Left Up to Us, and the Constitution Party of Texas.


Go to the “Our Water, Our Land, Our Elections Lobby Day” Facebook page for free tickets.

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