Jordan Edwards, Another Victim of Police Violence

Police violence against black men has struck again in North Texas. This time, Jordan Edwards, a 15 year-old freshman in high school from Balch Springs, a near suburb of Dallas’ southeast side, was shot to death by Roy Oliver, a sixteen-year veteran of the Balch Springs Police Department. Late Saturday night, April 29, neighbors reported to police that a house party had gotten too loud, and they asked the police to come and check it out. A short time later, Jordan Edwards was shot dead with a rifle.   Continue reading

Save Tarrant County Drinking Water!

It doesn't take long in Texas to know that the oil and gas industry rules the roost, even when drilling activity threatens the drinking water of a half million people. A local grassroots organization, Liveable Arlington, is working to do something about it! Brief Background In January, Bluestone Natural Resources filed a permit request to build a wastewater injection well near one of the largest water resources in the Tarrant County region, Lake Arlington. The lake provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of residents, including Arlington, Fort Worth, and suburbs both north and south.  The wastewater consists of excess gas and salt water from fracking operations in the city. It is toxic, undrinkable, and unfit for agricultural or recreational activities. The City of Arlington is also concerned about the well undermining and doing permanent damage to the dam, about 9000 feet away from the proposed location. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says this is too close. Continue reading

Green Party is the peace party

      A political party's values are never more important than in a time of crisis. This week, President Trump's order to strike a Syrian air base with Tomahawk missiles is one such event. The mask of empathy On the face of it, the rationale offered by the administration, that it was punishment for Bashar al-Assad's recent use of chemical weapons, seems, at first, to be reasonable. It can be framed, as the president did in his speech to Americans, as an empathetic duty. No doubt, as witnessed in the corporate media, the message of empathy is one that resonates. It makes converts of many of the loudest Trump-haters. Continue reading

Mark Your Calendars!

March 13, 2018 - Participate in the GPTX primary conventions! THE MOST IMPORTANT DATE TO PUT GREENS BACK ON THE BALLOT Preparations are also under way for the 2017 GPTX Annual State Meeting, scheduled for June 10th & 11th. Where would you like the Annual State Meeting to be held? Please make your suggestion here!

The Lege is now in Session...

...and what better way to kick it off than use our bodies to protecting the Muslims on the day they go to the Capitol to learn how to lobby their representatives, and a opposing a bill being heard on an upfront racist bill seeking to ban Sanctuary Cities  (so much for small government and local control these same people preach...)Welcome to the 85th Legislative Session! We have our usual agenda to support legislation that supports our platform, and fight those that promote corruption, oppression, neglect and abuse of the people's rights to justice in every area of life, and more.  But, as you may be aware, so much happens in so little time, a bill or amendment can sneak by and cause you to lose something important, but the news doesn't even tell you.To help us prevent that from happening, we welcome anyone able to lend their time and talents (everyone has at least one) to the goal of keeping the Legislature from making things worse than they already are, and hopefully usher in some much needed populist and environmental protection, as well as some election integrity. It is possible, we have helped stop horrible bills in the past, and there are many who are ready for action. Sign up to participate more actively in this lege session. Stay tuned for updates and alerts. "Activism is [our] rent for living on the planet" - Alice Walker venceremos