Houston Women's March

This Saturday morning, many Houston area Greens will join the Houston Women’s March to say #TimesUp to abuse of authority and corruption. 

Last year, I felt hope when I walked with the Houston Women’s March, seeing kindred spirits calling for Human Rights for All, Single-payer Healthcare, Peace, Social & Economic Justice, and a sane approach to facing Climate Transition.

I am awed and proud to see the strength of women, who carry the burdens of bearing our families & press on for the sake of our children. Women hold the power to shape the next generation. We must embrace that power to change the world.

We must push back against creeping authoritarianism and justifications for violent abuse of authority. We must nurture compassion, mercy, and wisdom to find a way forward for our communities.

Our market economy has commoditized all necessities of life. We must create a participatory, rather than a predatory, economic system, so that all citizens may live with basic dignity.

It is for these reasons that I volunteer attempting to build GPTX, despite outrageous barriers to ballot access and electoral participation, in order to advocate for Green issues and push them into the mainstream political consciousness. I invite you to support GPTX in its 2018 drive for ballot access, and into the future as an alternative party for political progressives.

People, Peace, & Planet over Profit!

Laura Palmer

Co-chair GPTX SEC

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2018 Candidate Applicants

The following individuals have filed an application with GPTX to participate in the 2018 nominating convention process and party ballot access drive:

Governor - Jan Richards

Attorney General - Jamar Osborne*

*It has come to the attention of GPTX SEC that Mr. Osborne has also filed with the Libertarian Party & his application is under review.

Railroad Commissioner - George Reiter

Congressional District 29 - James Partsch-Galvan

The appearance of these candidates on the general election ballot will be contingent on GPTX successfully meeting Texas ballot access requirements. For more information on helping the ballot access effort, click here & of course donate!

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Now Accepting Candidate Applications

December 11th at 6pm is the deadline for prospective candidates filing as Greens to submit their application to cochair@txgreens.org for the 2018 election.

GPTX seeks candidates for statewide office to participate in the 2018 ballot access drive and elections. GPTX SEC recommends candidates for district and local offices file as independents in order to not be hindered by the higher petition signature requirements needed for party ballot access.

More information can be found on the TX Secretary of State's Candidate Guide, and in this Prospective Candidate Information.

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Prospective Candidate Information

sample forms

GPTX recently held a training workshop for prospective candidates & volunteers interested in 2018 general election ballot access. Resources & information from that workshop include:

Candidate FAQ - Prospective Candidate Information

Ballot Access Petition Collection Training

Nominating Convention Resources

Prospective Candidate Profiles

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Harvey Relief Resources

UPDATED 1136a 8/30/17

Support Local Decentralized efforts to help the communities of TX impacted by #HurricaneHarvey - faster, more direct, no overhead

For those in need and those who can help here is what we can tell you so far - see comments for more:

Compiled Resources and info for #HarveyReliefhttps://twitter.com/i/moments/901902729894875140

Rescue efforts:

Donate: TEXT 'AUSTINRELIEF' to 444999

To Volunteer - Austin Common Ground: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdk0SkSJLXTEuaBc…/viewform…

Can you house someone? add yourself to Austin Burner Community Spreadsheet:

Austin #Harvey Aid Info: HarveyAid2017@gmail.com 
(209) 787-0473
Volunteer form: https://t.co/0rQamfW0sP
Need Help? https://t.co/7vRDs5CcK4


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