North Texas Transit Riders

An important organization has taken root in North Texas around the issue of mass transit. Earlier this year, Gary Stuard, co-chair of the Dallas County Green Party and Secretary of the Green Party of Texas, along with a group he founded in the area called System Change Not Climate Change (SCNCC), decided to organize opposition to drastic fare hikes proposed by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).

Tarrant County transit riders experienced similar fare hikes during the last year. Known as the "T", Fort Worth's version of mass transit implemented a 20% increase in fares, and even higher spikes in certain categories of riders.

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Immigration Forum in Fort Worth


On Sunday, August 20, the Tarrant County Green Party sponsored a forum for local residents to learn more about the new immigration enforcement policies that affect their lives and those of their families and neighbors.

A few months ago the local Green Party members determined that the neighborhood known as the city's North Side would become a focus for their service efforts. 

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Supporting the Activists of the Next Generation

Most people engaged in progressive politics despair at the difficulty of convincing Joe Average to get involved, to take action against oppression. We all seem to want the same things...income and wealth equality, racial equality, women’s rights, fair and decent pay, safe cities and communities, a healthy planet...the list goes on and on. Getting people on board with the message should be easy because, even if our lists are in different orders of importance, we know that the bottom line is human rights, peace, and respect.

We are hampered in our fight because so many have become so desperate and enraged. The channels of disinformation are so overpowering that they honestly don’t know whom to believe. So, these people—our friends, neighbors, community members, colleagues—choose to vote for politicians who are enacting legislation that will have negative impacts on their lives. Or they’re not voting, claiming that all politicians are the same.

We see this happen, and as activists, we are frustrated. We keep having to fight for the same issues. We gain ground on one hand and lose it on the other. We despair because we are unable to get people to fight for their own rights. Their sense of powerlessness holds us all back and is dooming us to more of the same.

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Medicare4All San Antonio

July 29, 2017

Where: From The Hemisfair Pavilion, we will walk around the block and end @ 757 Cesar Chavez
Starting at 10:00 AM

The time to act is NOW!
We can’t sit and watch from the sidelines as special interests buy our elections and overcharge us for healthcare.
Let’s all stand together and demand MEDICARE FOR ALL!
Facebook: Medicare4allSaTx / San Antonio Healthcare Now – Coalition / March4Medicare


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Harris County Universal Health Care Events

(This entry is adapted, with minor modifications, from the Harris County Green Party's Issues blog.)

The new Harris County Green Party website has a bit of a learning curve to it, both for those who maintain it and those who follow it. One of the things we HCGP apparatchiks  have to learn is recognizing opportunities to post information about community events when they arise. Two such events have come to this author's attention in recent days, and they are happening very soon.

In particular, you can attend an event this Saturday morning, 1 July, with Rep. Al Green on the subject of protecting Medicaid from the threatened cuts. Green will appear at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near NRG Park from 10:30 am until noon. If you can't make it to that, try the town hall next Saturday morning (8 July) at the IBEW offices on the North Loop, hosted by a coalition of progressive groups.

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