Finally! After all the hot air exchanged between the duopoly candidates, Tavis Smiley hosted the long overdue debate between Gary Johnson & Dr. Jill Stein. Though the debate aired in installments at a very inconvenient hour of the night, it is now available for your viewing pleasure here:

Ajamu signs his fan portrait 

When people hear the substance that the Stein/Baraka campaign brings to the table, they know it is the REAL DEAL. That is why Ajamu Baraka visited TX last week to connect with our growing Green community.

Happy B-day to Ajamu

group photo

With stops in DFW & Houston, GPTX kept Mr. Baraka busy. He addressed the public at speaking engagements in each city, where his message focused on building the party for the long term as a tool for social movements to apply political leverage to the status quo.

Green early voters 

After his speech at TSU Law School, Ajamu & several Houston Greens celebrated with a trip to early voting where the unique sight of Greens voting en masse generated a happy buzz among poll workers & citizens.

Onward for People, Peace, & Planet over Profit! 

Click here for a complete album of images from Ajamu Baraka's visit!

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