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Candidate FAQ

Ballot Access Petitioning Information


Volunteer Initiatives

Support Green issues that are nearest to your heart & help with GP outreach at the same time! Just let your Green pride show so your colleagues in the field will know who their political allies really are at election time. Click here for ideas on how you can take initiative as a volunteer in your area.

Consensus Process for Facilitated Meetings

A helpful how-to for running a meeting with a facilitator, a democratic and user friendly method used by the Green Party. We do not use Robert's Rules of Order.

How to Start a Local Group

If there isn't already a county party in your area, do you need to start one? Eventually yes, but initially you may not have enough members to sustain a formal party. In this situation it is perfectly acceptable for people to form small Green clubs & communicate with their regional coordinators to try to grow their Green groups. Local groups will need to cooperate within counties during the convention process however. If you are ready to form a county chapter, this resource will get you started.

Convention Documents


June 2017 ASM Presentation

 Nationbuilder Basics

If you are working with GPTX SEC and your regional coordinator to help build the Green Party in your area, this resource has helpful information on beginning to navigate GPTX systems.



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