Save Your Primary Vote for Green Ballot Access

Please make sure your county is registered to host conventions by notifying GPTX of your March 13th location by February 28th. Instructions and forms for the conventions are available here. Once we receive the address for your convention, GPTX will provide ballots.

Even if you can't help host conventions, you can collect petition signatures starting March 14th. And even if you can't collect signatures, please be sure you save your primary vote and sign the GPTX petition for ballot access.

You should know that Texas has some of the toughest ballot access laws in the country, and minor parties like GPTX are considered "convention nominating" parties. We are not included in primary elections, and must hold conventions one week later with voters that did not participate in a primary. That is why we must enlist volunteers in every county to host conventions and gather petition signatures in order to regain ballot access in 2018.

GPTX has adopted a dual strategy in 2018. We are attempting a statewide ballot access campaign with a limited slate of candidates, and GPTX SEC has previously advised individuals interested in non-statewide office to file as independent candidates. Regardless of the outcome of the 2018 ballot access campaign, Greens will continue to support progressive candidates and build the party in Texas.

Because the Green Party does not accept money from businesses or PACs, we rely on individuals to help fund events such as this year's primary conventions. You can help build our party with even a $5 donation today!

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  • commented 2018-02-21 15:12:34 -0700
    Is the number of valid signatures you need 46k+ for statewide ballot access?