The Lege is now in Session...

...and what better way to kick it off than use our bodies to protecting the Muslims on the day they go to the Capitol to learn how to lobby their representatives, and a opposing a bill being heard on an upfront racist bill seeking to ban Sanctuary Cities  (so much for small government and local control these same people preach...)

Welcome to the 85th Legislative Session!

We have our usual agenda to support legislation that supports our platform, and fight those that promote corruption, oppression, neglect and abuse of the people's rights to justice in every area of life, and more. 

But, as you may be aware, so much happens in so little time, a bill or amendment can sneak by and cause you to lose something important, but the news doesn't even tell you.

To help us prevent that from happening, we welcome anyone able to lend their time and talents (everyone has at least one) to the goal of keeping the Legislature from making things worse than they already are, and hopefully usher in some much needed populist and environmental protection, as well as some election integrity.

It is possible, we have helped stop horrible bills in the past, and there are many who are ready for action.

Sign up to participate more actively in this lege session.

Stay tuned for updates and alerts.

"Activism is [our] rent for living on the planet" - Alice Walker





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