Ingmundson is IN for January 6 Special Election

Governor Perry has called a special election to be held January 6. The special election call is for 3 seats: House District 123, being vacated by Mike Villarreal, Senate District 26, being vacated by Leticia Van de Putte, who will be challenging Villarreal in the SA Mayoral Campaign, and House District 17, being vacated by Tim Kleinschmidt, a Republican from Lexington who is resigning to take a position as general counsel for the State Department of Agriculture.

Green candidate Paul Ingmundson just ran for the House District 123 seat in the last general election, and he's ready to do it again!

More from the candidate:

I'm in. I am asking for your support in my bid to represent the people of District 123. 3210 people cast votes for me on November 4th. This will be a low turnout election, possibly 10% or less of eligible voters. A motivated group of people who care about making a difference can make a difference! If everyone that voted for me in November comes back on January 6th and brings a friend, 6420 votes could win this thing!

The timeline is incredibly tight: the filing deadline is a week from today, Monday Dec 22, early voting starts a week after that, December 29th. It will be virtually impossible to gather 500 valid petition signatures in 7 days so I must pay the filing fee to participate. I will be seeking your support, any way you think appropriate: contributions, putting up yard signs, or just talking with your friends in the 123.

This can be a real opportunity for us. There are many issues: climate change, educational policies, community policing as opposed to police state terror, and corporate welfare, where a Green voice can articulate a meaningful and thoughtful alternative. People are becoming progressively disgusted with the way both major parties serve corporate interests while ignoring urgent issues that demand effective government policy and collective action.

We have climate change.
Now we need political change.

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