Texas, We Need You to be a Self Organizing Machine

And in the spirit of Independence Day, I believe we can do it!

The Green Party of Texas conducted its annual meeting in Fort Worth on June 6th & 7th. We are happy to report increasing youth membership & participation, including the election of our new co-chair, Aaron Renaud. He joins a team of nine SEC members that manage GPTX affairs through facilitated consensus process.

We are also happy to report that we expanded and enhanced language in our Criminal Justice platform to address current pressing issues of police misconduct, and GPTX passed a resolution calling for a ban on fracking as well.

This year’s meeting put particular focus on volunteer facilitation & implementing our regional coordination initiatives, so hopefully you’ll start finding it easier to volunteer meaningfully with your local county green party soon. As the only political party which refuses corporate donations, we have to become extremely good at allowing people to volunteer their talents when they do not have dollars. Every organization asks you for your dollars; GPTX wants to help your voice be heard. (Though we certainly WILL take donations from individuals, thank you!) It is our challenge as a volunteer organization based on the 10 key values to coordinate and direct these efforts productively. Still, we believe Green votes are votes of conviction, and as such they are not expensive!

Equally important to this meeting was work to strengthen our candidate recruitment & support efforts. GPTX wants you to be assured that a candidate on the Green ballot line or receiving a Green endorsement is someone who is largely consistent with our platform and mutually respects our 10 key values.  If you are interested in standing as a candidate, please contact us.

Your State Executive Committee has been hard at work since the annual meeting. The approved 2015 ASM minutes are now available, as well as SEC teleconference summary minutes for 6/14, 6/21, & 6/28. Updated versions of by-laws and platform will be posted soon.

Now is the time to organize & revive community! Recognizing our solidarity, we must come together in peace if we have any hope of building a political alternative to the establishment parties. We ask you to join us in that effort!


Laura Palmer

Co-chair GPTX SEC

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