Travis Christal

Q: What office are you thinking of running for?
A: Texas State Representative  Texas House District 92


Q: Of the Green Party's ten key values, please list the three you feel are the most important and what relevance they offer to Texas voters.
A: Ecological Wisdom  because obviously. Social Justice  Texas has serious problems with poverty, voting rights, and human rights abuse by law enforcement. We can do better. Decentralization  Most Texans share a passion for decentralized decision-making that is unique in the union. This is an area of convergence with true Texas Conservatives.


Q: Do you disagree with anything in the GPTX platform? If so, please explain why you disagree.
A: One small difference: I'm not convinced that oil causes global warming. However, I still agree with everything else in the platform, including this: educating the public about the indirect costs of our addiction to "cheap oil" such as wars in the Middle East, environmental degradation due to oil spills, global warming, and acid rain, health effects such as respiratory problems and cancer, and subsidies to the oil industry. If all these hidden costs were reflected in the price paid for gasoline at the pump, alternative forms of energy would be seen to be very competitive if not cheaper. building codes that require both passive and active solar designs on all new state government constructions; requiring the same codes for all new construction, both commercial and residential; an "Insulate Texas" program designed to assist all homeowners in raising the insulation value in their homes to a minimum rating of R-30. This program should have the flexibility and authority to assist lower-income homeowners with low or zero percent interest loans to be repaid according to the recipients' ability; the removal of sales tax from all insulation materials; a proportional tax penalty levied against companies and individuals that fail to comply with the "Insulate Texas" program. Developing renewable energy resources must be a priority. This must be a concerted effort by industry, colleges/universities, and nonprofit institutions. In order to achieve this goal, we call for: funding, in the form of grants and low-interest state loans, for the development of renewable energy by nonprofit institutions. These institutions must be allowed to retain the patents developed through this program in order to repay state loans by licensing these patents to corporations; tax incentives for companies that use solar and other renewable energy sources as alternatives to fossil fuels; regulations that ensure that natural gas-fired facilities replace fossil fuel-fired ones only as a stopgap measure toward a general conversion to renewable energy sources; the phase-out of aerobic sewage treatment plants by replacing them with aerobic plants that capture methane gas, a source of energy; a reeducation program to provide individuals whose jobs will be phased out as a result of a change in technology with the skills they will need to establish themselves in new careers in a sustainable energy industry. Reliance on coal and petroleum as our primary energy sources is not sustainable. Dependence on these fuels is economically, politically and environmentally detrimental.


Q: What is your experience with the consensus decision-making process?
A: I have read about it and support it.


Q: Do you believe Greens have relevance in the USA? Please list why you believe/don't believe a third party possesses relevance in the US electoral system.
A: Of course! Without the Greens to help shape the debate, we are left with "two sides" of the same corporate coin, "debating" each other without having to discuss real issues or answer to the People.


Q: Are you active with your county Green Party? Please list why if you are not. If you are active, please list your primary activities with your county party.
A: No;I will become active.


Q: In your race, please list the top five talking points that you would cover in a debate with your opponents. With each talking point, please show how the Green Party's ten key values or platform would provide a solution.
A: 1. Article 5 Convention of the States to get money out of politics (WOLF PAC) 2. Marijuana decriminalization 3. Voting rights 4. Women's reproductive rights 5. Criminal Justice Reform


Q: List your constituency's characteristics and three ways you will reach out to them.
A: Conservative. I consider myself a conservative Christian, so I will point out the areas of convergence, and expose how the Republican agenda is not truly conservative.


Q: List your opponents, their strengths and weaknesses and what is needed to win against them.
A: State Rep. Jonathan Stickland Strengths - incumbent, prototypical "conservative values" guy. Weaknesses - explicitly serves business interests per his bio online. Young, inexperienced, not highly educated.


Q: List the name of your treasurer and any other campaign workers you plan to have working with you.
A: none. As a CPA, I believe I have the expertise to be my own treasurer (unless that practice is discouraged)


Q: How do you plan to raise money for your campaign? How much money do you plan to fundraise? Please include a copy of your prospective budget(s).
A: I have no prospective budget, as I plan to spend very little money. I plan to raise money through Facebook and by holding events such as community potlucks.


Q: Please provide a profile with background information that is not addressed by the above questions. Feel free to list alma mater, employment, family, hobbies, etc.
A: -Masters and BBA in Accounting from University of Texas at Austin  McCombs School of Business. -3+ years experience in audit specializing in governmental and nonprofit; 1+ year experience in Financial Reporting for a Fortune 500 company located in the District (currently employed there) -hobbies include reading about current events and listening to Democracy Now! -Proud Lutheran

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