Time to Vote Green - March 8


For those who don't participate in the duopoly primaries, come build the Green Party at your local nominating convention. Check out the complete list of candidates seeking the Green nomination here.

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  • commented 2016-03-12 07:28:30 -0700
    I got an email March 7th about voting March 8th. I had never voted in a Green Party primary before so I was excited to vote thinking it would be easy and organized like a 2 party set up. When I was listening to KPFT’s calendar in the morning on 3/8 and didnt hear the vote info announced I called into KPFT and they added a reminder about the GP vote. It was rainy and dreary that night, but after getting home from work that day I drove from near Cypress to downtown Houston. It was hard to find the church location with the address on GPS taking me to the corner of nothing and nothing. I reset the GPS and tried again. I am new to Houston, and I became scared that maybe driving around in the night, a female, alone, was not a good idea. Finally, When I made it to the church I was informed at the door the location was changed to a Bar & Grill due to anticipated flooding at the church. I drove to the new spot where there appeared to be a few people in the covered patio sitting but no movement of people coming and going as if just having voted, like you see at 2 party polls. Sitting in my car I searched websites for any details I could find then saw a posting that the date had been moved to March 12. (I am fasting from Facebook for lent so maybe there was a message there I missed.) I checked my email to see if I missed a postponement email. No such email. Why didn’t they tell me that at the church about the postponement? Maybe I would have learned about the process if I had gone into the pub to find out if this was a GP meetup and meet some new folks, but I refrained bc with what I had to say I would have been escorted out by security I was so pissed about it all. I didn’t call KPFT either the next morning to let them know it was my bad to call in the first place and give any new info. Today is March 12. I am not going downtown again. So with that complaint I have a solution-a newcomer section to this site of what to expect if you are new to the Party as far as the GP voting process, dates of voting being different than 2 party, are there GP delegates, etc.?