Workshop/Panel Submissions for 2016 GPUS PNC in Houston

Hey Folks! Here is your chance to contribute to planning workshops & panel discussions at the 2016 GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention being held in Houston August 4-7. The submission deadline is March 15th!


Here are just a few programming themes we might like to see developed:

Social Justice & Policing
Social Justice & Economics
Peace as Foreign Policy
Dealing with industry resistance in transitioning to the new economy (weapons & fossil fuels)
Environmental Justice
Human rights / civil liberties for all
Basic Income
Ending the Drug War
State of Black Houston/America

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  • commented 2016-02-09 06:05:40 -0700
    Replace the US Constitution with something that serves human beings rather than corporations and the wealthy. The current Constitution is being turned against us and we need to become the founding mothers and fathers of an openly discussed and democratically negotiated national guide which follows the better ideals we now believe in. Did William Lloyd Garrison have the right idea? A workshop to discuss the general reasons to replace the current document and fair, broad based process would be helpful.