Yes, Texas, you can Vote Green in 2016!

In the last week we have received numerous inquiries as to whether one can vote for Green Party candidates this November.  The simple answer is YES YOU CAN!

More elaborate answers to address frequently asked questions (FAQ):


  • How do I change my party registration to Green from another party?

Texas does not have party registration, so no, you cannot "change" your party registration to Green.

You can, however, in 2018, participate in our Precinct Conventions and show up in the State's Voting Database as a Green, but only if you skip the primaries.

  • I voted in the primary of another party, can I vote for Jill Stein for President in November?

Yes you absolutely can.  You can also vote for the other Green candidates on your ballot

You do NOT have to do anything special, just go vote in November.

Many party hacks lie and tell people that if they voted in the primary, they have to vote for that party's candidates in November.  They also lie and tell people they have to vote "Straight-Party".  Spread the word, vote for who you want in Nov, not who they tell you to, and skip the Straight Party page completely!

  • Will Jill Stein be the Presidential Candidate listed under the Green Party on the Texas Ballot?

There will certainly be a Green Party Presidential Candidate on the 2016 Texas ballot. Most likely it will be Jill Stein. As of right now she has won enough delegates to secure the nomination, however it all depends on which delegates show up to vote at the Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC) in Houston August 6, 2016.  In the event she does not get enough delegate votes in the first round, there will be a second round vote and it will most certainly be interesting to witness. (The GP PNC is open to public, but only credentialed delegates may vote - there is a registration fee to help cover costs as we are not corporate-funded.)


If you have other questions, please post them and we will add to this FAQ.



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